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Latrice Richardson is a thirty eight year old divorced, single mother who has an amazing career and a wonderful eight year old son named Quincy. What she doesn't have is any semblance of a love life and sex is non-existent. After a scorching one night stand with a handsome stranger, Nathan Woodson, Latrice never expects to see him again, and definitely not at the front of her son's classroom!

Nathan Woodson is a former foster kid who loves teaching and has just landed his dream job. The last thing he expected was the sexy enchantress he spent the night with, to be the mother of one of his students.

Despite the two of them both trying to keep things professional, Latrice and Nathan find themselves being drawn closer together. But with nosey school moms on the prowl and his job on the line, they find that love may be too hot for this parent and teacher to handle.

HOT FOR TEACHER is a sexy rom-com that features an older woman/younger man, (somewhat) secret lovers and plenty of high heat.


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