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Christopher Rossmore has one dream: to run Rossmore Wineries, the vineyard that has been in his family for generations. Despite preparing for the role since birth, Christopher finds himself competing with his estranged father’s gold digging fiancee for the job.

In order to become CEO, he has to convince celebrity couple Michaela Hamilton and Hunter Lawrence to hold their star studded nuptials at the vineyard.

He can run a business with his eyes closed, but public relations is not his jam.

He’s gonna need some help.

Isobel Brooke Taylor has one dream: to run Taylor Made Hair Care, the family run hair care brand currently helmed by her father. Despite traveling all over the world to solidify Taylor Made’s status as an international brand, the board is worried that her reputation as a party girl & socialite would make her unsuitable to take over.

In order to get the top job she has to convince the board that she can balance business & pleasure.

Walking into a crowded party and walking out with everyone eating out of the palm of her hand? Easy. Doing the same thing in the boardroom? Not so much.

She’s gonna need some help.

When Izzie and Chris discover that Michaela and Hunter are hosting a couples only retreat, the perfect plan emerges. These childhood best friends will pretend to be lovers, while Izzy helps Chris woo the future Lawrences and Chris helps Izzy woo the board.

But, can Christopher and Isobel get through the retreat without wooing each other?


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